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work day


We are here today…

wishing we had time to sit and soak up the sunshine…

but instead working hard cleaning out my dad’s workshop in Laurel…

and moving tools and equipment…

to the tractor shed at the farm.


Kitchen reno update {also known as, I miss my sink the most!}


Donnie and I started a small remodeling project back in the fall.  Are remodeling projects ever small?  Almost 6 months later, we can finally imagine how the finished product may look.  Sadly, so sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen before we started.  Picture this:  cabinets with antique glaze gone bad (um, yellow to be exact), dark green “marble” formica, a 27″ Spacemaker all electric stove (turns out you can’t replace those since the standard is 30″), not one level or square surface, and just a general mess.

Please pardon the pictures from ye old cellphone, but here is stage 1 with everything torn out 4 weeks ago:

Stage 2:  Cabinets, no countertops, 3 weeks ago

And a sneak peek at the countertops and a sample of white subway tile as the backsplash:

Side note, the subway tile is installed with double-sided tape.  We are STILL waiting for the faucet.  Word is it should be here by Monday…and then we will have a sink again! Who knew we’d miss the sink more than any of the appliances?  Ha!

We’ve really had fun with this project, even though it stresses me to the max to make decisions about finishes and appliances.  Having wonderful contractors, major awesome cabinet makers, and talented friends and family to bounce ideas keep me sane has made it all bearable!

Hopefully I can share the finished product next week 🙂

Getting started


Welcome to Let’s Talk Healthy!  This is *way* pushing me out of my box, but I want to document my quest to get healthy (and hopefully lose weight in the process!)

I plan to post tips, recipes, web resources, workout ideas, and just general healthy information here, so feel free to follow along and add your own suggestions in the comments area.

{{I’m also an interior design junkie, so get ready for links and pictures to favorite finds.}}

Several friends and I are using Herbalife products and seeing great results!  The products can be viewed here.

Check it out and if you are interested in knowing more, please email me:

We are meeting for lunch on Mondays to taste new shake & pie recipes, talk about different products, and just generally support and motivate each other.  If you are in the Starkville area, please join us!  I will post times and places here each week.

Our favorite recipe from this week’s meeting:  

Oatmeal Cookie Shake (makes 1 serving)

8 oz. skim milk  [or 8 oz. water plus 1 scoop Protein Drink Mix]

2 scoops Formula 1 Healthy Meal, Cookies n Cream flavor

2 T. quick oats

1/2 t. cinnamon

dash nutmeg

2-3 ice cubes

(Note: can also add 1 t. Butter Buds & 1/2 T. sugar-free fat-free Vanilla pudding if desired)

Mix well in blender until thick and frothy.  Delish!

Thanks for joining my journey!   <><

{-19 lbs since 7.24.10}